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Xpress History

Randy Singh is the CEO and his brother Shawn Singh is the COO of Xpress Cargo, Inc. Together they built this company and both started out as truck drivers.

They experienced the ups and downs of trucking and learned a lot along the way. Together they earned money and lost money but never made the same mistake twice. Both worked hard and made the sacrifices necessary to grow and develop this company.

Together they built a network that to this day is one of the strongest transportation networks around. Knowing the value of relationships they always treated people the way they wanted to be treated and maintained a good working relationship with everyone they did business with. Loyalty has always been a virtue for them.

Randy Singh.JPG

Randy Gill Xpress Cargo, Inc. CEO

The company originally built a network of owners/operators that was part of their trucking network that pulled together to move the freight that Randy was able to land and service. 

Shawn and Randy were smart in channeling their energy into a commodity that would always be essential and focuses on a niche. They studied the frozen and refrigerated market and decided to be specialists in hauling temperature-controlled freight. 

When the market hit a low and many owners/operators left to chase the larger rates the brothers knew they had to make a change and built their own company fleet of drivers. To this day the key to our success is having two people that truly have each other's back and will roll up their sleeves to do what it takes to succeed.

Xpress Cargo is a family-oriented company that really is sincere when they say family comes first. Xpress Cargo was founded in Carmel, Indiana in a garage with a tractor and a reefer trailer and two brothers that wanted to achieve the American dream.

Xpress Cargo is a certified minority-owned business. Randy and Shawn came to America from India. They both played hard and each was a very competitive soccer player but they even worked harder in building their own business. Their sense of competition and desire to win coupled with the drive and discipline to achieve their goals allowed them to be successful.

Shawn Gill COO.jpg

Shawn Gill Xpress Cargo, Inc. COO

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