Table of Contents

 Section I: Employment


At-Will Employment

Equal Employment Opportunity

Open Door Policy

Employment Classifications

Adjustment Period (90 Days)

Personnel Data Changes

Workplace Violence


Section II: Benefits and Absences


Employee Benefits


Religious Holidays

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Calling Off Sick

Bereavement Leave

Jury Duty / Voting

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Medical Leave

Family Medical Leave (FMLA)

Military Service Leave


Section III Compensation


Time-Keeping System

Pay Schedules / Paydays

Pay Corrections

Salary Basis Policy

Business Travel Expenses


Section IV: Work Conditions and Hours


Hours of Operation /Work Schedules / Flextime

Rest and Meal Periods

Safety and Security

Workplace Violence Prevention

Guns and Weapons in the Workplace

Inclement Weather /Emergency Conditions

Visitors in the Workplace


Section V: Employee Conduct and Discipline


General Standards of Conduct

Attendance and Punctuality

Call In

Performance Management

Non-Fraternization Policy

Business Ethics and Conduct

Drug Free Workplace

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment

Hiring Relatives and Personal Relationships in the Workplace

Confidential Information/Non-Disclosure

Conflicts of Interest

Dress Code/Personal Appearance

Use of Company Equipment and Vehicles

Smoke Free Workplace

General Procedures for Contact with the Media

Computer, Email and Internet Usage

Use of Phone and Mail Systems

Use of Personal Communications Devices

Disciplinary Procedures 


Section VI: Career Development


Job and Performance Evaluation

Employee Referrals 


Section VII: Additional Information


Workplace Monitoring

Bulletin Boards

Solicitation and Distribution of Literature 


Section VIII: End of Employment


Employment Termination

Return of Company Property

Closing Comments


Employee Acknowledgement Form



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