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Employee Handbook

Section 8: End of Employment



Termination of employment is an inevitable part of Human Resources activity within any organization, and many of the reasons for termination are routine.  Below are examples of some of the most common circumstances under which employment is terminated: ​

  • Resignation – voluntary employment termination initiated by an employee.

  • Discharge – involuntary employment termination initiated by the organization.

  • Layoff – involuntary employment termination initiated by the organization for non-disciplinary reasons.

  • Retirement – voluntary employment termination initiated by the employee meeting criteria for retirement from the organization. 


Xpress Cargo, Inc. will generally schedule exit interviews at the time of a voluntary termination.  The exit interview will afford an opportunity to discuss such issues as employee benefits, repayment of outstanding debts to Xpress Cargo, Inc., or return of Xpress Cargo, Inc. owned property.  Suggestions, complaints, and questions can also be voiced. ​

Should you decide to leave the Company, we ask that you provide your Supervisor with at least a written two (2) weeks advance notice of your departure. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated. ​

All Company property including, but not limited to, keys, security cards, parking passes, laptop computers, fax machines, uniforms, etc. must be returned at separation. Employees also must return all of the Company's Confidential Information upon separation. To the extent permitted by law, employees will be required to repay the Company (through payroll deduction, if lawful) for any lost or damaged Company property.

As noted previously, all employees are employed at-will and nothing in this handbook changes that status.

Return of Company Property

​Employees are responsible for all Xpress Cargo, Inc. property, materials, files, keys, equipment, tools or other property issued to them or in their possession or control.

​All Xpress Cargo, Inc. property must be returned by employees on or before their last day of work.  Where permitted by applicable laws, Xpress Cargo, Inc. may withhold from the employee’s check or final paycheck the cost of any items that are not returned when required.  Xpress Cargo, Inc. may also take all action deemed appropriate to recover or protect its property.



​This handbook is intended to give you a broad summary of things you should know about Xpress Cargo, Inc. The information in this handbook is general in nature and, should questions arise, any member of management should be consulted for complete details. While we intend to continue the policies, rules and benefits described in this handbook, Xpress Cargo, in its sole discretion, may always amend, add to, delete from or modify the provisions of this handbook and/or change its interpretation of any provision set forth in this handbook. Please do not hesitate to speak to management if you have any questions about the Company or its personnel policies and practices.

Thank you for your compliance to the policies written in this employee manual.

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