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Employee Handbook

Section 7: Additional Information


Workplace Monitoring

Workplace monitoring may be conducted by Xpress Cargo, Inc. to ensure quality control, employee safety, security, and customer satisfaction.

Employees who regularly communicate with customers may have their telephone conversations monitored or recorded.  Telephone monitoring is used to identify and correct performance problems through targeted training.

​Improved job performance enhances our customers' image of Xpress Cargo, well as their satisfaction with our service.

Computers furnished to employees are the property of Xpress Cargo, Inc. As such, computer usage and files may be monitored or accessed.

Xpress Cargo, Inc. may conduct video surveillance of non-private workplace areas.  Video monitoring is used to identify safety concerns, maintain quality control, detect theft and misconduct, and discourage or prevent acts of harassment and workplace violence.

​Because Xpress Cargo, Inc. is sensitive to the legitimate privacy rights of employees, every effort will be made to guarantee that workplace monitoring is done in an ethical and respectful manner.  However, employees should have no expectation of privacy while using any of the Company’s communication equipment.

Bulletin Boards

​Bulletin boards contain important Company information and policies such as employment law posters. Management must approve all postings on the bulletin boards.  Please see Human Resources to obtain approval for bulletin board posting.

Solicitation and Distribution of Literature

​Solicitation and distribution of literature in the workplace can be disruptive and interfere with work.  To avoid disruption to and interference with Xpress Cargo’s operations, the following rules regarding solicitation and distribution of literature have been established and will be strictly enforced: 

1.         Non-employees may not solicit or distribute literature on Xpress Cargo, Inc. premises at any time for any purpose. 

2.         Employees may not solicit or distribute literature during working time for any purpose.  (Working time does not include lunch periods, work breaks or any other periods in which employees are not on duty.) 

3.         Employees may not distribute literature at any time in working areas. 

4.         Employees may not use Company equipment or systems, including but not limited to computers, e-mail, telephones, voicemail, copiers, and fax machines to prepare, send or receive solicitation or literature. 

5.         Employees may not post any literature, articles or solicitations on Company bulletin boards without prior express approval of management.


Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

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