When is payday?
Company Drivers are paid weekly.
Payroll will deposit your pay into your Direct Deposit account or Pay Card usually every Thursday (depending on your bank). Your first week is held back.
Hour much per mile?
$.45 per mile* - Solo Driver.
$.54 per mile* (split evenly) for Team Drivers.
Miles bases on PC Miler Shortest.
Bonuses - Incentives
*Included is $.01 per mile for
maintaining your fuel mileage at 6.75 or better every quarter in the Performance Bonus Program.
*Included is $.01 per mile for
maintaining at least 850 or higher out of the 1000 points available in the Performance Bonus Program.
DOT Clean Level 1 inspection (with no warning tickets)...$100.00
DOT Clean Level 2 inspection (with no warning tickets)...$75.00
DOT Clean Level 3 inspection (with no warning tickets)...$50.00
*After 5 Clean Level 1 inspections in a row the driver receives an additional $100.00.
Additional Pay
Dention Time at unloading: Only after the 4th hour from appointment time the driver is paid $15.00 per hour up to a $100.00 per 24 hour limit.
Exrta Pick Up or Stop Off after the first one...$15.00
Team = $12.50/$12.50

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