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Driver Orientation & Safety Specialist

Job description:

As a Driver Orientation & Safety Specialist, you utilize your skills to maintain an efficient, consistent, organized and well ran Driver Orientations and then assist in the Safety Department with assignments and duties. Ensure our Drivers are properly welcomed, onboarded and prepared to begin their driving career at Xpress Cargo. This is an important position as we want to share the excitement of having new Drivers joining our team. You will assist in Driver Retention and help to maintain good morale among our team, and keep our drivers happy.

  • Responsible for conducting all Driver Orientations classes and onboarding process

  • Work with Safety and Recruiting to ensure that all work is completed and done in the correct order

  • Verify and scan all information on driver’s licenses, permanent residence cards and social security cards. Clip all documents, including physical standards test, medical cards and physicals, chain of custody and direct deposit forms, to driver files.

  • Enter driver corrections into paperless system. Assist drivers in correcting information on paperless applications and resubmit the applications for verification.

  • Enter driver questionnaires and general information into personnel files. Collect all driver paper documents for driver’s files and send to Corporate on weekly basis.

  • Organize driver documents for driver to carry on the road in truck.

  • Assists walk in applicants in hiring process. Assist temporary disqualified drivers retake physical standards test during Orientation.

  • Order drivers lunches on a daily basis. Keep track of receipts and send to contact for verification process.

  • Enter all discrepancies concerning drivers’ licenses and social security cards into spreadsheet and send to Personnel and Safety Departments.

  • Sign out all driver materials needed for Orientation. Keep list for supervisor to enter into an Orientation Materials spreadsheet.

  • Assist drivers going through disqualification process by explaining the issues or problem.

  • Insure Driver DOT Drug and Alcohol test are completed.

  • May have to teach certain parts of Orientation class, such as how to correctly complete the I-9’s.

  • May be responsible for assigning work or task to include: addressing any paperless process issues revolving around the processing of a driver-files entry, corrections, clipping, pre-auditing, contract completions, disqualifications and activations.

  • May be responsible for training new orientation members.

  • Enforce and maintain compliance to all Company policies and procedures



  • HS diploma or equivalent

  • Valid driver’s license

  • Excellent communication skills and techniques

  • Proven interpersonal skills with the ability to interface effectively with Drivers and other team members

  • Strong abilities in team development techniques

  • Ability to be a self-starter and pays attention to details

  • Excellent record keeping and organizational skills


We are located on the near-east side of downtown Indianapolis in the Keystone Enterprise Park complex. We have a positive environment and teamwork culture.  So bring your smile, people skills, experience, knowledge, and join the team.


Job Type: Full-time

Pay:  $16.00 to $22.00 per hour and starting rate is based on experience and skill set.

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