Purpose of Employee Handbook

The standard of conduct described in this Xpress Cargo, Inc. Employee’s Handbook is set forth as the company's expectation concerning the fulfillment of one's job duties and overall interaction with other employees, customers, vendors, visitors, owners, etc.

The company may seek to change the content of this handbook, and the policies therein and/or its execution at any time, for any reason and with or without notice. Employment with the company is “At Will” and may be terminated at any time by the employee or by the Company.

It is our objective, that each employee be treated fairly, equally, with dignity, and as an integral part of this organization's success, operation and growth.

This handbook is for all employees and is designed to enable every employee to be aware of our policies in matters that pertain to them personally, as well as the overall business.

No employee handbook can anticipate every circumstance concerning company policy. However this employee handbook is intended to serve as a guide on your journey to becoming a successful part of Xpress Cargo. Employees are required to read this handbook and comply with the policies and standards set forth herein.

This handbook supersedes all previous handbooks, statements, policies, procedures and rules given to employees, whether verbal or written.

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